University of Bristol Speech on Male Eating Disorders

It was wonderful to speak to University of Bristol students about the importance of narratives in reducing stigma associated with eating disorders. Brilliantly organised by Beat This Together!

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Daniel Bowman | Full Address | Durham Union

Daniel Bowman is one of the UK's most prominent mental health campaigners and Mental Health Director of 'Parliament Street'. To discuss mental health and body image he has appeared on the likes of Sky News and ITV News and addressed the Union on the topic of 'A modern day approach to mental health.'

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Conservative Education Society Events - Danny Bowman on Mental Health

Danny Bowman of Bowman Foundation joined Conservative Education Society in the Houses of Parliament to discuss Social Media, Body Image and Mental Health in our Schools.

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MGEDT Conference Nov 2017 Danny Bowman's Speech - Eating Disorders, Social Media and Men

A presentation by our trustee Danny Bowman about his experience with eating disorders and the effect of social media on the prevalence of Eating Disorders. 

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Danny Bowman Speech: Mental Health and the Social Media Society

Danny Bowman Speech

Parliament Street Mental Health Paper Launch


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Inspirational Speaker - Danny Bowman | Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) Conference 2015, London

Danny Bowman was one of four Inspirational Speakers who spoke of their personal journeys of recovery from BDD.

For more information about BDD visit the BDD Foundation webpage at